How to Install a Patterned Carpet

This is something you need to be very cleared about. First of all, you need to be sure that you want that specific carpet installed and that is why the golden rule of patterned carpet installation is ‘view before you glue’. This type of carpet will stay with you for a long time and thus you need to be sure that it is exactly what you want to use for your home. After making the decision, here is what you should do:

Provide setting

When the carpet is installed, you need to provide it the same environment during installation as the one it will be generally in. That includes humidity levels, floor geology, temperature, etc. The constant conditions need to be met so that the carpet does not disfigure. It is better to start with a thorough house cleaning, and maybe even steam cleaning.


You should do a thorough levelling of the floor to make sure that there is absolutely no dirt or any deformities that will interfere with the levelness of the carpet. Also, apply testing fluid and check the pH levels of the floor to make sure they match the levels that your carpeting company requires.

Laying it out

You may start laying down the carpet after all conditions are met. Place the standard carpet over the floor and, if needed, do row cutting to make it into a desired shape or pattern. Make sure that there are no folds and level it on all sides. Make use of a company that provides a good seam sealing service so that the carpet stays down and its edges are sealed. Apply sealer only once the aforementioned conditions are met and then glue the carpet down.


The carpet should be handled just like any other carpet. There are no specific carpet cleaning requirements, other that you should not use steam cleaners for the first few days after installation as the steam may interfere with the glue’s strength.

It is simpler than it sounds. Installing patterned carpets can be done quickly and painlessly if you are methodical and organised enough. It all takes just some effort, a bit of planning and a good cleaning service in mind to deal with any messes you may have made.

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