Crochet Rug from Repurposed T-shirts

You may have seen or heard a lot about crochet rug from repurposed t-shirts as waste disposal, but don’t understand how to start. Or you may use to think that it will be difficult. But actually, it’s quite easy to do, and there is no need of fancy instructions. Here you will get a step by step guide on how you can make your own crochet rug from waste disposal.

Step 1: Get proper cloths

Select t-shirts that are made of 100% cotton, and check carefully there is no or very less print, except above the arm line. You need the weight fabric so don’t try with the t-shirts that made of thin cotton. You can use XXL men’s t-shirts from Goodwill.

Step 2: Create your fiber

You will get a plenty of t-shirt yarn tutorials on the internet. You can choose any of them or follow the following.

• Cut the t-shirt below the arm line and below any print by following the no or little print rule.

• Now fold the t-shirt from one side to the other side. Don’t forget to leave it about one inch short of the actual meeting end that is your one-inch patent.

• Now cut the t-shirt into 1.5-inch strips, but avoiding the one-inch patent. Keep in mind, the thicker strips will give you the thicker fiber and the thinner strips will give you the thinner fiber. If you cut too thin, the fiber won’t form so don’t cut too thin.

• Check the t-shirt out to observe the one-inch patent. You should start cutting from the hem from one strip to the next across the patent that connects all the strips together.

The central idea is that the t-shirt is already in the round, so you’re slicing a constant strip from the bottom hem up to the armpit. In fact, take away the hem before cutting that doesn’t curl at all. Once you got the big strip, extend the strip and let the weave in the t-shirt to curl in and create the fiber.

Step 3: Ball up your fiber

Balling up your fiber is pretty important. You will understand when you start to crochet because there are some tensions. If you ended up sorting out the whole hem thing before crocheting that can defeat the idea of balling it up in the first position.

Step 4: Crocheting

You can use single crochet for a dense weave. You can crochet in a circle, so you can start with a magic circle or the chain-2 methods. You can use the largest crochet hook, which is a Q size and started with 6 SC in the first circle, doubled in the second circle, and gradually increase by multiples of 6 SC.

You can also start with 4, then double, and then count the way of the circle. You can escalate as much as necessary to keep the part flat. If the slog is curling up, you will be need of more stitches in the circle.

If this waste disposal work is disturbing, you can take it apart or don’t increase stitches, or go around with no enhance. You can also try the alternate where you made the enhance so that you can keep it in a circle shape.

You may notice that if you increase in the same place of each circle, you will end up with a multiple instead of a circle because of the hump that more stitch makes.

Once you have come to your expected size, or you are at the end of your t-shirt pile, pull the end through the last loop and the weave in your ends.

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