5 Ways to Remove Pet Stains from Your Carpet

People love their pets but they do not love the stains that they leave behind on the carpet. Pet stains can sink in and leave an odour behind. Many people think they may need to call a professional cleaning company to help them get rid of pet stains. But before hiring a carpet cleaning service at low cost you should try to remove the stain on your own. There are 5 ways to remove pet stains from the carpet that are effective and will take both the stain and the odour out.

1. Use the Right Products

There are special odour neutralisers that are made to remove stains and odours from the carpet. They are specially designed for carpet cleaning and to remove stains. Do not use strong chemicals to clean the carpet. Avoid using very strong chemicals or ammonia. These scents are very strong and the pet may feel the need to mark the area once it is cleaned. If a pet keeps on remarking the same area with urine it will be very difficult to keep it clean and prevent stains. You may try to solve the problem by hiring a cleaning service.

2. Classic Cleaning Combination

Baking soda and vinegar are a classic cleaning combination. They will neutralise the odour and remove the stain. After soaking up the urine with a paper towel pour vinegar on the spot of the accident. Sprinkle on some baking soda. Allow it to set for a couple of minutes and the baking soda will absorb the stain. The baking soda will begin to turn yellow as it soaks up the urine. The extra baking soda can be wiped or vacuumed up after a couple of minutes.

3. Use Enzymes

There are special cleaners that are used by cleaning services that contain enzymes. These enzymes will help remove the stain. Before applying the enzyme cleaner to the pet stain spray it with distilled water. Add the enzyme cleaner and allow it to sit on the spot overnight. In the morning wipe up the spot and the pet stain should be gone.

4. Steam Clean

If you do not have a steam cleaner you can hire a steam carpet cleaning service. The steam cleaner is hot enough to sanitise the carpet and remove stains as well as odours. Once the carpet is cleaned with the steamer the stain will no longer be there.

5. Oxidation

This process will help remove odours and older stains. All you have to do is mix a little bit of bleach with some distilled water. Allow it to sit on the stained area of the carpet for at least 10 minutes. Use a towel to wipe the stain. Allow the carpet to dry. If the stain is still there this process may have to be repeated in order to fully remove the stain and the odour. If this does not help book with carpet cleaners and they will deal with the stain with ease.

These are five most efficient ways to remove pet stains from the carpet. While you love your pets you do not have to love the stains or the messes that they leave behind. These stain removal tips will help you remove pet stains on your own before calling in a carpet cleaning company to remove the stains.

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